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Bath rectangular sauna barrels on a turnkey basis from the manufacturer: 

The company "Timber-Sauna" offers the citizens of Europe to buy an innovative bathtub from the manufacturer. The peculiarity of the construction of turnkey buildings produced by our production is the elimination of the standard disadvantages possessed by the majority of bath barrels of previous generations. The service life of the rectangular sauna barrel is more than 20 years without maintenance, provided the operating conditions are observed.

Innovative multilayer technology of Rectangular sauna barrels production

Peculiarities of rectangular sauna barrel bath-houses construction are:

  • No need for seasonal adjustment of cooperage locks.
  • Multilayer technology of cladding walls, which allows using the sauna at any time of the year.
  • Modern fireproof furnace for a bath, allowing to heat up to 14 m2 of space without the superfluous expense of fuel.
  • A ventilation system keeps comfort even in the hottest sauna and protects the walls from mildew.
  • Convenient drain with a tray - on the principle of a shower cabin.
  • The spacious space of the pre-bath, steam room, and washing room, which will provide a comfortable rest for up to six people at a time.
  • Optimal dimensions allow you to transport the building on any roads without special permission and installation on the site, saving space.

By the way, regarding the multilayer technology of cladding the walls of the bathtub: the building is assembled with the use of multilayer boards. The walls are clad in 3 or optionally in 4 layers.

  1. The first layer is chamber-dried pine or spruce board, joined with a 42 mm moonlight groove.
  1. Second layer is thermal insulation Folgaisol.
  1. The third layer is a ventilation layer. The air gap is made by means of counter battens.
  1. The fourth layer is for internal finishing. If you want it could be alder, cedar, aspen or linden.

The steam room shelves are made of ash wood. This natural material has excellent thermal insulation properties. This means that even in a heavily heated sauna, the shelf will always be pleasantly cool - you won't get burnt.

Panoramic multilayered windows are located all around the perimeter of the rectangular sauna barrel bathtub. The walls are lined with thermo-wood, as a result, you will not have heat loss.

The roof is made of flexible shingles. This building material is characterized by excellent resistance to temperature changes and the effects of precipitation.

How much does the rectangular sauna barrel-bath cost from the manufacturer?

The cost of the barrel-bath in the "Timber-Sauna" company starts from 4000 € . By the way, we are direct manufacturers and do not work with intermediaries. Therefore, when ordering we guarantee democratic prices for the entire range of products.

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