Rectangular sauna f1 6,00m

  • Features
    Capacity6-8 persons
    Layers of frame

    1 layer - frame: pine or spruce of choice - chamber dried 12% moisture, 42 mm tongue and groove joint

    2 Layer - thermal insulation: foil-coated thermal insulation all around the perimeter of the sauna (optional).

    3 Layer - ventilation: air gap made with the help of counter battens.

    4 Layer - Finishing: Wallpaper lime, aspen, alder, cedar .

    Length6 * 2.35 * 2.55 m (length * width * height).
    Number of rooms3

    1Laying carpet

    The roof of flexible shingles. Colors brown, red, green choice


    Entrance door Laminated plastic door

    The tempered glass door to the saunar


    Wood stove sauna oven VEZUVIY SKIF DT-3 S, Harvia Legend SL

    Steam room volume: 14 m3

    Minorite heat protection

    Stones for the furnace 80 kg

    The fence around the stove


    Two assembled L-shaped shelves - basswood and aspen

    L-shaped shelves are convenient in that they allow four adults to fully relax, rest, and take a place on them

    Along the entire perimeter of the steam room (ceiling, walls) laid aluminum foil. This is lined with dry lime liners.


    n a restroom Window blocks of dry timber with double-glazed windows, 900x1500 - 2 pcs 40x40 -1 pc

    In the steam room Window blocks lime tree with double-glazed window unit 40x40 - 1 pc

    Exterior paintingAmerican oil varathane color by collation
    ElectricsProtection set against shock hazard - overcurrent, double socket, lighting fixtures in the living room and the washing room, sauna light fixture LINDNER.
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