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    We ship our products through all the Europe including Great Britain and Scandinavia. We also ship to the United States, Canada, and other non-EU countries... Contact us for more details about the delivery process!
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    We promise to respond to your email in under 48 hours. We also communicate with our clients since the day we get the product ordered, till the day when the customer gets it successfully delivered.
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    We do our best to provide discounts on the most demanded wooden products by our clients. Outdoor saunas and expensive hot tubs come up with some special gifts inside for better use!
  • High Quality Guarantee
    To manufacture our products (outdoor hot-tubs and garden saunas) we use only high-quality materials. Accessories, such as heaters, stoves, frames etc. are made by local manufacturers, to bring the best quality for a good price.
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The Timber-Sauna construction company produces mobile barrel saunas, garden cottages, Finnish saunas, grill cottages, turnkey Viking saunas and other natural wood products.

 Our mission is to develop and implement beautiful and comfortable solutions for a happy and cosy life, a comfortable and useful holiday. We offer an impressive range of turnkey products and exclusive author's designs.

The geography of Timber-Sauna covers Europe, working in the capital market since 2000, the company has accumulated vast experience in the field of trendy eco-construction and has formed a base of leading Russian suppliers of wood. All this enables us to provide expert quality services at a reasonable price and with long official guarantees.

No matter what you want to order - Finnish or Viking sauna, garden cottage, barrel bath or an entire architectural complex. By contacting us you will get a 100% ecological and best-in-class solution. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to private customers, medical and beauty salons, SPA and fitness centres, rest houses and resorts, hotels and other organizations. With us, you can earn not only in the season, but all year round.

Russian Tradition and European Quality

Almost 20 years ago Timber-Sauna pioneered in Moscow market unique mobile and Viking baths that have no corners and require no foundation. Nowadays the company is deservedly regarded as one of the TOP manufacturers in this segment. The product range also includes Finnish saunas for flats, lounges, hotels, low-cost turnkey garden huts and much more.

The products are manufactured in accordance with the unique traditions of Russian architecture and the use of advanced European technologies. Only hardwoods of natural selected solid wood are used for production - larch, aspen, linden, pine, spruce, abach, thermo abach and other types of wood, which have a beneficial effect on the body.

Why build with Timber-Sauna?

  • Healing traditions -Turnkey multi-layered thick barrel baths, luxury Finnish saunas and economy-class garden cabins made of natural wood;
  • A guarantee of an authentic style - Exclusive well-thought-out layouts, panoramic glazing and exteriors that adorn the grounds;
  • A full range of services from design and production to turnkey installation and service;
  • Branded certified fittings - No corrosion, oxidation, tarnishing;
  • Favourable prices. You can buy a luxury barrel bath for 4,500 euros . Compare offers of competitors and make sure that our prices are really cheap;
  • Free service packages include expert advice, engineer on-site visits, and service support.

Timber-Sauna - With Love and Care For Your Health

Dear customers! Before you place an order online, please browse through the catalogues of ready-made Finnish saunas, garden huts, Viking baths and barrels as well as the available options for completion and finishing. Always prefer a personalised solution? Contact us any way you like and ask for a free designer project.

TImber-Sauna is not just a well-known brand, each product is created with love and care for the health and comfort of customers. These are an economical and premium line of products for every taste, European quality, environmental friendliness, durability and a pleasant price.

When you buy a garden cottage,Sauna Pods,sauna barrels, Outdoor Saunas or Finnish sauna from us, you get much more than you can imagine - the colourful magic of wood and authentic atmosphere, and most importantly - benefits and unparalleled comfort that will please you for decades to come.

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