Sauna barrels

A Barrel Bathhouse - The Key to Comfort

Realizing the dream of a country property, whether it is a house in the countryside, cottage, or cottage, you should not deny yourself the pleasure - to place on the site of their own sauna. If you are not ready for another capital construction, then use the offer of the company Timber-Sauna.

We present a portable design unusual shape: its barrel baths turnkey, which will come to you directly from the exhibition or we make it to order, taking into account your wishes (manufacturing material, insulation, interior furnishings).

We guarantee:

Professional workmanship - turnkey barrel baths made according to new frame technology that eliminates cracks.

Buy a barrel sauna Timber-Sauna in Europe and in the USA at the manufacturer's price - the right choice.

There are no middlemen or overpayments and transportation logistics are simple, transparent, and clear to clients.

We offer:

Warmth (we use foil insulation, laid between the outer layer and the inner lining), foil vapor- and water-proofing. It is a guarantee of year-round usage of the bath, it means fast heating, slow cooling down, and saves fuel.

Cladding of a steam room at the choice: alder, a linden, aspen.

The shelf is made of each (the African oak), which wood is resistant to high temperatures. Easel logs from Abacha remain pleasantly warm even in the hottest atmosphere of the steam room.

The diameter of the sauna barrel is two and a half meters, the floor is flat without any ladders. Guarantees comfortable full-size movement in the sauna.

Hygienic, shower-like comfort: Drain with Tray.

Light, energy-saving: double-glazed windows.

Despite the fact that the bath has the shape of a barrel, it has nothing to do with the structures equipped with cooperage locks, which must be adjusted with the onset of each new season. It's not like this: install and forget (in a good way).

Make, deliver, and install

With Timber-Sauna 2-year warranty on all our products.

We create copyright designs of mobile bathing structures in the modern style. Check out our new turnkey models of Barrel Baths Parus, which opens a rich treasure trove of Russian traditions embodied in the perfection of European bathing technology.

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